Wind fields


  • Digital map of wind fields from L1-B level SAR images in fully automatic mode
  • Extraction of wind fields from SAR data
    • GWW (of e-GEOS) which implements several C-MOD models and the X-MOD model developed and validated on COSMO SkyMed data [F. Nirchio , S. Venafra , 2013]
    • Use of COSMO data SkyMed , Radatsat-2, Sentinel-1.
    • Use of wind fields from meteorological data ( Numerical Weather Product) to drive model inversion
  • Algorithm
    • Extraction of the NRCS given SAR
    • Inversion of the C-MOD / X-MOD model by Bayesian approach that exploits both the SAR normalized cross- sectional radar and external information, such as wind fields from meteorological models

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Example of wind fields obtaind from SAR (top) and formula for extracting u,v wind components (bottom)

Operating scenarios

  • Base knowledge

Technical specification

RequirementProduct Description Offered
Spatial resolutionFrom 400 m to 1 Km (depending on the SAR data used for estimation)
Coverage areaFrom 1600 to 60000 Km ^ 2 (dependinfg on the SAR data used for estimation)
Geographic accuracy5m
Information Age4 hours
Measurement uncertaintyspeed: RMS <2m / s direction (for speed > 2m / s): RMS <30 °
Measurement / projection unitspeed: m / s direction: degrees projection: geographic ( lat / lon )
EO data in inputSAR data from COSMO- SkyMed , Radarsat-2 and Sentinel-1
Input data usedForecasting models from ECMWF and NOAA
Given for validationTruth from buoy or from scatterometer in test area (already present)
Algorithm methodEstimation of wind fields from SAR Stripmap data by Bayesian inversion of the C-MOD and X-MOD geophysical models.
Refresh rateGiven by the availability of the SAR data on the area of ​​interest: 12 h

Statistical analysis

Spatial resolutionLess than 15 km.
Coverage areaMaximum extension of the AOI: 20000km 2
Geographic accuracyComparable with spatial resolution.
Information AgeData not prior to 2008.
Measurement uncertaintyDependent on the accuracy of the input data: · Wind intensity: 2 m / s (confidence level: 90%). Wind direction: 45 degrees (90% confidence level).
Measurement / projection unitUnit of measure: · Return time: months. · Wind rose: m / s for wind intensity and degrees for wind direction. Projection: Geographic-WGS84
EO data in input
Other input data used (not EO)Data produced by full physics weather modeling chain (non-hydrostatic model). The model outputs include the estimated wind intensity and direction at sea level (or other altitude level that will be agreed upon during the project).
Given for validationIn situ measurements or other EO data that will be identified during the project.
FormatGeoTIFF for the product “Return time”. png for the product “Wind rose”. Metadata: meet ISO 19115 standards, and the specifications of the INSPIRE Directive 2007/2 / EC and the relevant Decree . n. 32 of 27/01/2010
Refresh rate3 months


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Example of wind filed map off Calbria Shores obtained by costeLAB
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Historical analisys of wind fields