• Coastline digital map, obtained by automatic processing of VHR data (1 to 10 meter) and subsequent manual photointerpretation to enhance the result
  • The map delivers a classification in homogeneous segments of the coastline

Operating scenarios

  • Base knowledge
  • Post event
  • Extraordinary Monitoring

Technical Specification

Spatial resolution1 – 10 m
Coverage areaMax AoI extension: 50km
Geographic accuracyCircular Error 90%: <=1.5 pixel (1.5 times bigger than the spatial resolution)
Information Age5 years
Measurement uncertainty10%
Measurement / projection unitProjection: UTM-WGS84
Input EO data– Hi-res optical data: Sentinel-2, Pléiades, GeoEye
– Hi-res SAR data: COSMO SkyMed, TerraSAR-X, Sentinel-1
Input data used– DEM
– Land cover map (optional)
Data used for validationGround truth or cartography supplied by the users
FormatGIS file: shapefile
Metadata: standard ISO 19115, and compliant with INSPIRE 2007/2/CE and with Italian regulation “D.Lgs. n. 32 del 27/01/2010”
Refresh rateThe theoretical limit is given by the availability of satellite data. Usually in the case of basic knowledge, updating the maps is required over the long term (seasonal, annual or multi-year). On request, it is possible to update the map every 7 days


Coastline in the Petacciato area, obtained using Sentinel-2 data