Marine ecosystem (CHL, TSM, WT,CDOM)


  • Maps of the bio-chemical parameters of water quality, measured from satellite data through fully automated processing
  • The parameters considered are:
    • Concentration of chlorophyll-a (CHL)
    • Surface concentration of suspended material (TSM)
    • Transparency of water (WT)
    • Absorption from dissolved colored organic substance (CDOM)

Operating scenarios

  • Ordinary monitoring
  • Extraordinary monitoring

Technical specification

Spatial resolution 300m – 1 km
Coverage areaMax AoI extension: 20000 km2
Geographic accuracy Circular Error 90%: <= 0.5 pixel (half of the spatial resolution)
Information Age 36 h
Measurement uncertaintyChlorophyll and CDOM: <=35%; TSM: <=30% ; Transparency of water <=20%
Measurement / projection unitChlorophyll : µg/l TSM: g/m3  Transparency of water (Disco Secchi): m Transparency of water (K490): m-1 CDOM: m-1 Projection: Geographical -WGS84
Input EO dataOptical superspectral mid-res data: MODIS, Sentinel-3
Input data usedIn situ measurements of the parameters considered, if available.
Data used for validationIn situ measurements from sea campaign
Refresh rate1 day


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-24.png
Left: Map of Chlorophyll Concentration (CHL) on the Gargano coast, obtained using Sentinel-3 data
Right: Surface Concentration of Suspended Material (TSM) map on the Gulf of Taranto, obtained using Sentinel-3 data