Pollution at coastal scale


  • Probability maps of coastal pollution linked to the marine ecosystem on a coastal scale. The maps of which this product is composed are:
    • Probability of occurrence of algal bloom (Algal Bloom)
    • Probability of occurrence of extreme chlorophyll values
    • Probability of occurrence of extreme values ​​of suspended material

Operating scenarios

  • Base knowledge

Technical specification

Spatial resolution300m – 1km
Coverage areaMaximum extension of the AOI: 500km of coastline
Geographic accuracyCircular Error 90%: <= 0.5 pixel (equal to half the spatial resolution)
Information Age36 hours
Measurement uncertainty90% confidence level> = 75%
Measurement / projection unitMeasurement unit:% of algal bloom occurrence Projection: Geographic-WGS84
Input EO dataNot necessary
Other input data– Marine ecosystem maps for ordinary monitoring – Wave movement map (optional)
Validation dataIn situ measurements from field campaings
FormatGIS-file: shapefile and GeoTIFF Metadata: compliant with ISO 19115 standards, and with the specifications provided for by the INSPIRE Directive by the relative Legislative Decree
Refresh rate24h


Algal bloom probability map in the Ionian Sea, obtained using MODIS / AQUA data